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34+ Inspiring Favicons Designs

Posted By entawana on Dec 22, 2009 at 7:29AM

Favicons are a dime-a-dozen so many in the vast ocean that is the internet.

What makes Favicons so special, is that its essentially an extension of your website’s brand. It’s important to be distinctly unique so that current visitors will remember the icon and associate it with your site.

I surfed various sites and galleries for favicons that caught my eye.

Check out my list of 34+ favicons below :

Letters & Numbers

PhatBrush – Favicon Description : Phatbrush is a Photoshop Brush Resource Site

10Steps Photoshop Tutorial – Favicon Description : 10Steps is a Photoshop Tutorial Website

 Design Blog – Favicon Description : SmashingMagazine Blog for Designers

Twitter – Favicon Description : Twitter known for it’s service and tweeting

Nintendo – Favicon Description : Nintendo known for Nintendo System (Mario!)

Online News Journal – Favicon Description : WashingtonPost is a well known news journal.

Google Search Engine – Favicon Description : Google well known Dominant Search Engine

LinkedIn Professional Networking – Favicon Description : LinkedIn known as professional networking

New York Times News Paper – Favicon Description : NYTimes national newspaper

Vimeo – Favicon Description : Vimeo upcoming video uploading serice

Imeem – Favicon Description : Imeem website for music , videos & photos

Vandealy Designs – Favicon Description : Vandelay Designs a Design Blog

E-forum – Favicon Description : E-Forum

Formula 1 – Favicon Description : Formula1 It’s all about racing

Unique Characters & Mascots

DeviantArt – Favicon Description : DeviantArt is a community for every type of artist

Alienware – Favicon Description : Alienware makes elite computers

Mozilla – Favicon Description : Mozilla created the popular FireFox Browser

Think Geek – Favicon Description : ThinkGeek is a site for Tech Enthusiasts

Pepsi – Favicon Description : Pepsi (Who doesn’t like Pepsi ?)

Apple – Favicon Description : Apple The computer company (Ipods also)

dk 34+ Inspiring Favicons Designs – Favicon Description : Dkiroku appears to be an asian design blog

par 34+ Inspiring Favicons Designs – Favicon Description : Meropar is an asian virtual pet-site

Feedburner – Favicon Description : FeedBurner widely known RSS service

livejournal – Favicon Description : LiveJournal online journal

mcdonalds 34+ Inspiring Favicons Designs – Favicon Description : McDonalds fast food restaraunt

thedesignblog – Favicon Description : The Design Blog (Self Explanatory)

NDESIGN studio – Favicon Description : NDesign Studio Design Blog

FamFamFam – Favicon Description : FamFamFam WebIcons Resource

Eleven Media – Favicon Description : Elevenmedia Web Portfolio

Nimbupani Designs favicon – Favicon Description : NimbuPani (Lemon Water) Portfolio

Gnome – Favicon Description : Gnome A linux based O.S.

CssZengarden – Favicon Description : Css Zen Garden Blog about CSS

Nefariomonzon – Favicon Description : Nefariomonzon Gallery Website

Smug Mug favicon – Favicon Description : Smug Mug A place to host photos

Favicon Resources & Galleries

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dotCMS Open Source®

Posted By entawana on Dec 22, 2009 at 7:21AM

The fully functional GPL version of dotCMS continues to forge ahead – providing bleed–edge features and the latest code to a thriving community of developers and users.

Award–winning professional support services are also available to “fill–in” when and if needed to deploy and support dotCMS Open Source. Additionally, dotCMS will offer a full suite of training and certification courses for all dotCMS developers, architects and general users.

dotCMS is an enterprise-level, open source J2EE/Java Web Content Management System (WCMS). Combining a user-friendly interface with advanced features, dotCMS represents a highly extensible and powerful web content management solution.

There are 2 different paths to implementing the dotCMS web content management solution: (1) the fully functioning dotCMS Open Source and (2) the certified and warranted dotCMS Enterprise. While still Open Source, Enterprise is extensively tested and backed by solid Support and Services.

Public demo website:

URL: : http://demo.dotcms.org

dotCMS Admin Console:

URL: : http://demo.dotcms.org/c

Full CMS Administrator Credentials:

User: test@dotcms.org
Password: test

Limited “Content Contributor” Credentials:

User: limited@dotcms.org
Password: limited

Features                                     Download Win Installer or ZIP

Content Authoring

  • Structured content repository
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Dynamic lists
  • Keyboard shortcuts and Right Click for a native application feel
  • WebDAV interface for drag-and-drop ease
  • Spell check
  • Built in Editing/Preview/Pushing views
  • Content versioning and rollback
  • Content targeting based on user profile and behavior
  • Multitier taxonomy
  • Custom tag library
  • Content Import/Export
  • Content syndication

Page Component Library (Widgets)

  • Social calendar (iCal compatible)
  • Social networking
  • AJAX photo gallery
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds
  • Search and sitemaps
  • Streaming video and MP3 player
  • Google maps integration
  • Tables and charts
  • Google sitemap
  • Google analytics
  • Image resizing

Site and Page Design within Corporate Standards

  • Page templates by site and site section
  • Fine-grained control over available page components
  • Dynamic Menus and crumb trails
  • Enforceable W3C and 508 compliance
  • CSS-driven
  • Full design inheritance
  • Form builder and handler


  • 100% Java/J2EE compliance
  • Database Agnostic
  • Unlimited scalability, clustering and load-balancing
  • Human readable web addresses
  • High Performance caching system
  • Packaged with Apache Tomcat for quick deployment
  • Velocity templating
  • DWR (Java AJAX framework)
  • Other Technologies used: JBOSS, Apache Struts, Spring, Hibernate ORM

Multi-site Management

  • Centrally manage internet, intranet, extranet, and portal content.
  • Allows for independent administration for individual sites
  • Manage unlimited microsites
  • Publish to multiple clustered servers

Multilingual Sites

  • WebDAV access to language property files
  • i18n / UTF-8 native
  • Multilingual content editing interface
  • Multilingual Content Import
  • Glossary Management Interface
  • Fallback to default language content ability

Plugin Architecture

  • Modular development
  • Ant based plugin deployment/un-deployment
  • Over-ride/customize actions, properties, and macros
  • Maintained upgrade path

Workflow and Permissioning

  • Task based workflow
  • Email and mobile notification
  • Role based user management
  • LDAP/ADS Integration
  • Fine-grained control over available page components
  • Full asset versioning and rollback
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